dimanche 5 décembre 2010

•○ En anglais c'est plus beau ○•

Beacose you deserve that we write a text on you.

We grew up together, we lived so meny things
You all i need, i cant live without you.
You'r as a sun on the rainy days.
You gives me a smile every day. My friend.

I like remember all these day past in your presence, these partys where we drink until fall on the ground. And get up with an hangover and laugh about it again and again.

With you I learnt so meny thing  aboute the life.

I have a smile when I think about our conversation which could continu up to the day rise.
Beacose when we are together we are lik the kings of the world. We haven't anny limit, we could walk across the world, go anny way, make all we wanna do.

The words miss me to express what I have to say to you. You like a part of me, when your far I feel it, and i miss you. When you suffer I feels your pain. When you'r happy your enjoyment makes me happy to. 

I promises you will always stay in my heart.


[Babylone circus - my friend]